J.H. Rose High School
Advanced Placement EUROPEAN History

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Course Description
The study of European history since 1450 introduces students to cultural, economic, political, and social developments that played a fundamental role in shaping the world in which they live. Without this knowledge, we would lack the context for understanding the development of contemporary institutions, the role of continuity and change in present-day society and politics, and the evolution of current forms of artistic expression and intellectual discourse. In addition to providing a basic narrative of events and movements, the goals of the AP program in European History are to develop (a) an understanding of some of the principal themes in modern European History, (b) an ability to analyze historical evidence and historical interpretation, and (c) an ability to express historical understanding in writing.

What type of student should take this course?
n  Students who enjoy reading, writing, and who want to learn more about European culture: Art, Literature, diplomacy, military history, social history, and much more.
n  Students who want to earn college credit by passing the AP European History Test.

Required materials:

1 Three ringed binder with lots and lots paper for notes.

1 JOURNAL for in class writing assignments
Required books that students will read and should buy and read
  1. “Winter” by Len Deighton


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