Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas PROJECT

Here is a LINK to the Christmas PROJECT. It is due before you return. YOU WILL NEED YOUR BIG ORANGE TEXTBOOK to complete it, so be sure to take it with you on vacation.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Final Exam 2016

Final Exam 2016

1. Questions on the Final Exam will be drawn from THIS website. Click Here.
2.   Questions will come from #13 to #25.    ....... 13 is the Napoleonic Order and 25 is the 20 Century
3. Questions will come from the left and the right hand side of the screen. CLICK on the crowns on either side and go through the questions and answers.....STudy Away !  !
4. Here are links to review materials...
       # Giant Review

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

French Rev Test Study GUide

Mary Wollstonecraft
Olympe de Gourges
100 Days
America Constitutional Convention 1787...issue of slavery
Concept of Liberty in the late 1700s
Louis XV abuse of power
French debt in the 1700s compared to England or HOlland
The Directory
National Assembly 1789-1791... laws passed by
Great Fear .... effects
Bread Women March
Abbe Sieyes...his ideas
Declaration of the Rights of Man ...what did it promise?
Legislative Assembly of Oct 1791  compared to the Estates General/National Assembly
Committee of Public Safety....goals and effects
BUdget of France in 1780s....
First, second, and Third Estates
First Coalition's effect on France
the French colony of Saint Dominique and Slavery in 1793
9th of Thermidor...what happened and why
Napoleon Bonaparte's background
What fundamental ideas found in the French Revolution are found in the Napoleonic Code
1793-1794...French militaryvictories
Gironidists and Mountain....what cause the life and death struggle between them?
Concordat of 1801...goals
Why was the Declarationof Independence important to the American REvolution
Thomas Paine's COMMON SENSE
Edmund Burke's opinion about the French Revolution
After Toussaint L'Ouverture's arrest and did the Haitian Revolution progress?
Anti federalists and what they wanted in the new American Constitution of 1787
Who wrote the "REFLECTIONS on the Revolution in France"in 1790? WHat were its main ideas?
What was Napoleon's GRAND EMPIRE.
CONGRESS of Vienna. What were its goals?

ScreenCast Project

Watch this short video about HOW to create a Screencast

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Playposit ...Oct 31-Nov 4

Week of Oct 31-Nov 4. Watch videos posted for our class in Playposit.
1) Copernicus
2) Social Contrac: Hobbes vs. Locke
 3) Galileo

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Play Posit Videos

This is a gentle reminder for you about VIDEOS on Playposit....
2 videos about the Renaissance were posted tonight on September 18, 2016. Watch them by the 22nd of September (Thursday)